St. Joseph High School Variety Show Reunion - August 17-18, 2018

Encore is a collaboration between the St. Joseph Public Schools Foundation, the St. Joseph High School, and its alumni featuring actual acts as they were presented on the stage from the 1950s through the 1990s.


*OPENING ACT I “Showtime Theme” - ENCORE Dancers, ENCORE Jazz Ensemble and ENCORE Chorus

Welcome - Host - Robert Ehrenberg (1971)

“The Stage” - Betsy Baker Newell (1973)

“I Can’t Give you Anything but Love” - The Brass Potatoes

“Kid’s Stuff:  80 years later” - Susan Waymire Manke (1980) and Donna Nelli Metz (1980)

“No Regrets” - Kay Stickney Dine (1976)

“That’s Life” - Jeff Hoover (1984) and The ENCORE Jazz Ensemble

“What a Sneaky Vixen” - Susan Baushke (1980) and Janene Bock Bergen (1979)

“There’s Only So Much Oil in the Ground/Uptown Funk” - All in Love

“Seize the Day” - Pam Stafford Huff (1976) and the Stafford Family Singers

“The Rain in Spain” - Scott Palma (1981), Michael Spitters (1976), Jeanne Dwan Williams (1980)   The “Students” and The ENCORE Orchestra

“Two Sisty Uglers” - Donna Nelli Metz (1980) and the ENCORE Jazz Quartet

“Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” - Dave Carlock (1987) and The ENCORE Orchestra

“Theme from Peter Gunn” - The ENCORE Orchestra




OPENING ACT II “In the Mood” - The ENCORE Dancers and The ENCORE Jazz Ensemble

“Let It Be” - Lauren Kunkel (2017)

“Sing, Sing, Sing” - Jon Kinsting (1968) and The ENCORE Jazz Ensemble

“Rumores de Caleta” - Meg Rodgers (1989)

“Make a Memory” - Chris Spitters (1981)

“Rhapsody in Blue” - Louise Fiore Lambdin (1965)

“Brad the Robot” - (1984)

“Leave It” - Dave Carlock (1987)

“There’s No Business Like Show Business” - The ENCORE Chorus

“Jumpin at the Woodside” - The ENCORE Jazz Ensemble

“Trouble” - Scott Palma (1981)

“The Girl In 14-G” - Janene Bock Bergen (1979)



*Opening MusicShowtime Theme”  (Music by Robert W. Brown, Lyrics by Dennis L.  Bowen)