St. Joseph High School Variety Show Reunion - August 17-18, 2018

Encore is a collaboration between the St. Joseph Public Schools Foundation, the St. Joseph High School, and its alumni featuring actual acts as they were presented on the stage from the 1950s through the 1990s.


(In order of Appearance)

Opening Act I “Showtime Theme” - Jazz Ensemble, Dancers, Chorus

“Ajax Airlines” - Jeff Hoover/ Jim Bartalone - *A reprise from “Showtime ??

“You Lift Me Up” - Leah Miller (A reprise from Showtime 18)

“Turn Me On” - Cynthia Orlaske

“Dancing Queen” - Jeanne Dwan Williams, Susan Baushke, Janene Bock Bergen

“Schindler’s List” - Chamber Orchestra

“Meadowlark” - Janene Bock Bergen

“For Good” - Cynthia Soledad, Valerie Soledad Conrad

“If I Weren’t a Student” - The students - *A reprise from ENCORE 2014

“Laughing Matter” - Jef Williams

“Don’t Stop Now” - The Altis and Cassidys

“Bewitched” - Betsy Baker Newell

“Phantom of the Opera” - Symphony Orchestra




“Opening Act II “MR. GK” - Jazz Ensemble, Dancers

“You’re Nobody ‘Till Somebody Loves You” - Jeff Hoover, Jazz Ensemble

“How High the Moon” - Jazz Ensemble

“Three Little Pigs” - Zoe Downey (A reprise from “Showtime 18)

“Suddenly Seymour” - Jeanne Dwan Williams, Jef Williams

“Heavenly Friends” - Susan Waymire Manke and Donna Nelli Metz

“Bookends” - Susan Baushke with Janene Bock Bergen, Forrest Kahl Miesse, and Jeanne Dwan Williams

“Jesse” - Kay Stickney-Dine (A reprise from ENCORE 2014)

“Nights in White Satin” - Dave Carlock and the Orchestra

“Freshman Parents” - Renee Oshinski John Hodgson, Mark Koehneke, Lissa Ray, Donna Tinberg

“Climb Every Mountain”/”You’ll Never Walk Alone” - The Chorus

For those who now know what their schedule is for this version of ENCORE, there are still positions available in the CHORUS, DANCERS (Male and female) and ORCHESTRA. Contact Dennis Bowen if you would like to be included in any of these groups if you haven’t already committed to them.